Creating a winning Argument by Developing a Thesis Statement

As our best writers at have discovered, as a student writer in college, your number one priority is to convince your instructor, examiner, other students and the general audience of your papers that you not only have a logical point of view but also that it is actually an interesting one. In order to convince anyone that whatever subject of study you are pursing is actually interesting and of any use to the world, what you require to learn and use are your persuasion skills. Persuasion skills will help you get the job done well enough that it garners you the marks you need to make it graduation. How is this connected to a thesis statement you ask? Well, most course assignment in college will require you to not only write well but also make a persuasive case on the subject you write about, in other words, convince your audience of your point of view using an academic argument. As with most other things in academia, writing an academic argument follows a predictable pattern that begins with a topic introduction that should be brief and should include a statement of your point of view as regards the topic in one sentence and as directly as possible. That sentence in which you state your point of view on the topic you are writing about is what is referred to as a Thesis Statement and it serves primarily to summarize the direction of your argument in the paper you are writing.

Do you need help with your thesis statement? Let our quick and razor-sharp writers at help you with that. As a road map for your paper, a thesis statement will communicate to the reader what they should expect from reading your paper and how they should interpret your discussion regarding the topic.

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