Business Plan Part I
Part I of the Business Plan
Part I of the business plan is due in week 1. Submitting this part on time is crucial as it will allow the instructor to propery evaluate the direction of your plan and provide you with important feedback for the future of the project. The format of the business plan is APA style.
Part I Requirements
1. Company Background
a. Company Name
b. Type of business—retail, manufacturing, service
c. Proposed ownership/legal structure
d. Unique product or service you will offer
2. Mission Statement
a. Include a statement directed to your customers. Example: The Cleveland Clinic provides better care of the sick, investigation into complex problems, and further education to our employees who serve.
3. Goals and Objectives
a. Include between 5 and 8 strategic goals
b. Must be measurable
c. Include a Table or Chart

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