Compare two countries you believe would have similar
cultural dimensions. Use the Hofstede Insights tool
to assist with this compare and contrast the two
countries’ cultural dimensions outlined in the tool and
create an infographic that outlines these similarities
and differences. In your comparison address how
these differences may impact the marketing efforts of a
company. Present all this information using an
Using a free infographic tool of your choice, you will
post it to this discussion board. Post a screenshot of
the actual graphic, rather than the link. Access The Ultimate Infographic Design Guide: 13 Tricks
for Better Designs as a resource for best practices
before attempting to complete this assignment.
I have attached the rubric to this assignment. Please look at the links that I provided below, and create an infographic, you can use Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint to make the infographic. It needs to be an infographic, not an essay. If you have any questions, please let me know.
1. Hofstede Insights tool – (the country to compare is the United States and Japan).
2. The Ultimate Infographic Design Guide- (

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