Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) and project schedule for the Learning Team project you selected in Week 2. NOTE: Your reading refers to one form of a WBS and that is more of a flow diagram. A WBS can also be a written break down of the work as is in the project plan sample I provide. I mention this because with both of the tools noted below (MS Project or Excel), they will created the Gantt chart as you add the tasks that are broken down. If you choose to create your WBS as a flow, you can use Visio (see the Refer statement) or another tool to do so.
Use Microsoft® Project (see REFER statement below) to list the components and breakdown of the project’s WBS (i.e., project phases, grouping of tasks, resource assignments, etc.) OR use Microsoft Excel and download the excel template Gantt Project Planner or Simple Gantt Chart. The templates can be searched for after clicking “New” in Excel.
Develop a Gantt chart with the following:
Task Name
Resource names
Start and finish dates
Milestones highlighted

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