Essay will consist of each student working towards a maximum three-page paper, double-spaced on one of the top Fortune 500 companies of 2020/2021. Title will be: My business introduction to ____amazon_______ Company. Do not go over three pages. Carefully choose the company as you may be asked to continue research via various business courses going forward. Please use MLA style for the paper. The paper should be submitted via Blackboard as a word document attachment.
Due Date: Friday, November 19, 2021 at 11:59pm.
The essay will follow these guidelines:
The Introduction: Research a company from the list given in the first week of class. (The Fortune 500 list is also available online via google.) Write the total number of employees, the status on the list, the CEO name, and small details about the CEO/President of the company. Write what type of company it is and how long it has been in business. Write the status of the company one year ago, 2020/2021 Fortune 500 list.
The Body of the Essay: Write a few fun or quirky habits you researched about the company. Write how much information is available (for example, do you see that they have a good social media presence: Facebook, twitter, Instagram and/or LinkedIn etc.). Write what negative news have you read/heard about them in your research.
Conclusion: After all your research write where you think they will be on the list next year. Also write if you have used their products before and what was best part of researching them.

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