For this assignment, you will apply cost-volume-profit principles to a situation either in your work or personal life. You will be applying the methodology in an appropriate fashion – in graphic and columnar (spreadsheet) style utilizing the break-even formula in a PowerPoint presentation. In your documentation, you should clearly describe the methodology for your project showing the break-even formula.
You will be evaluated as follows:
Your methodology and choice of CVP application;
Your inclusion of the Break-even formula within your Chart and clear description of project;
Your presentation by PPT and Excel meeting all requirements neatly and accurately;
Your calculations for break-even and target profit of $10,000;
Your calculations and presentation of sensitivity analysis or “what-if” scenario for your project;
Your comments/critique of another student’s CVP project by Sunday midnight.
See Assignments and Grading for the rubric for this assignment.
Watch the following video illustrating how to construct a break-even Chart within Excel:

Within this 18-minute video, you will observe:
The construction of a chart in Excel to show the exact point for break even. The exact break-even point may need to be rounded to be a whole integer (not with decimal points).
How to construct a line graph/chart in Excel.
Construct a chart within Excel to plan how many units must be sold to break even and how many to sell to make a target profit of $10,000 in your project. You should make up all other numbers for this project.
Create a columnar analysis spreadsheet to show Sales, Variable Costs, Contribution Margin, Fixed Costs, Total Costs, Net Income, and any other information you wish for your project with all columns being clearly identified in a spreadsheet.
Compete a sensitivity analysis (what-if analysis) that examines how a result will change if the original predicted data or underlying assumption changes. This type of data can be presented with assumptions for different scenarios, such as that described on p. 214 of your textbook.
Plot break-even point on the exact point as calculated and rounded in your spreadsheet.
Format the break-even point in color.
Include a title for your unique project.
Put labels on the xy lines in your Chart.
Include a legend to clearly identify the information.
The visual aid of the student’s project should be prepared for showing to the class as an asynchronous medium, such as a PowerPoint presentation (PPT). The other charts, spreadsheets or other materials are utilized outside of the PPT presentation, show them in an attachment or other schedule.
I have attached examples of what I need in the file section down below.

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