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You will post a minimum of 250 words in the textbox for this journal assignment in response to the bulleted items below. The journal is a private communication that is shared only with your instructor for grading purposes.
Motivation at Didi
Applying motivation theory to the workplace can assist you in motivating others, whether working in your community, working with colleagues, or leading a group or team. In this journal, you will apply motivation concepts to a real-world company leader to look at how motivation affects decision-making.
Look for videos and interviews on the Internet with President Jean Liu of “Didi Chuxing” (referred to as Didi), the world’s largest ride-sharing company (Khan, 2017). Then respond to the following questions with a minimum of 250 words.
Based on your reading and learning activities on motivation (the Motivation Parts 1 and 2 presentations), determine what you think is Jean Liu’s motivation to propel her company Didi to success. Include at least two motivation theories in the response.
Defines the motivation theories.
Explain how the motivation theories are relevant in this scenario.
How does culture impact this president’s decision-making? Provide two specific examples.
After checking your spelling and grammar, post your minimum 250-word response in the Unit 4 Journal textbox on the Assignment tab. Be sure to use 12-point Times New Roman font.
Khan, S. (2017, November 27). Exclusive: Didi world’s biggest ride-hailing company, in no hurry for IPO [Technology section]. The National.

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