Please follow steps 3-5 on the attached excel sheet and answer the following questions about Xero Limited’s company:
Please attach any pdf articles or websites used in the essay so that I could access it
4.1- Explain how a diverse board will impact on company’s competitiveness. Consider Position, Professional Background, Businesses’ Ownership as part of Diversity types, not only gender and age.
4.2-Search on the internet for data on your Client’s business related to changes on the board members and changes in the stock prices. Is there any relationship between your Client’s stock price change and the movements in the boards of directors? Explain the pros and cons of changing the board’s members. Search on YahooFinance for stock prices before and after the change in the board. If there were no changes in the board’s membership, search for the board’s decisions and stock price movements. For example, if the board decides to replace the CEO, what happens with stock prices?

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