The purpose of this Case Study assignment is to walk through the logical framework (LogFrame) and to create the project management documents needed to successfully lead a project and to develop a comprehensive communication plan and create a stakeholder analysis matrix.
General Requirements:
Reference the Quality Template you completed in Topic 3 as one source for stakeholders. If the Quality Template notes a group or person needs information, they are stakeholders.
Reread the Kitchen Heaven Project Case Study in Heldman et al. pages 84-87 and read pages 139-141.
Part 1: Communication Plan Template
Complete the Communication Plan Template.
Identify all the stakeholders and resources that are noted within the case.
Identify a minimum of two additional stakeholders or resources not specifically noted within the case but may impact the project and complete the Communication plan Template.
Part 2: Stakeholder Analysis Template
Complete the Stakeholder Analysis Template.
Using all the stakeholders that you identified in the Communication Plan Template complete the Stakeholder Analysis Template.

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