Your source documents for the information you will be using for this project will primarily be your companies’ financial statements and selected ratios. Write your analysis in paragraph form. Use headings to separate each section. You may want to use tables for numbers (i.e., ratio presentations). Please use proper English, grammar, and spelling. You must include a Works Cited page as your fourth page. Abbreviations for the
ratios are acceptable (for example: ROA). Do not include how you calculated the ratios. Assume the investor has a full understanding of the calculations. Give a very brief introduction of both companies (no more
than four or five sentences for each). Your paper should explain if the ratio is good or bad in comparison to the company and competitor. Explain why one is doing better than the other. It is important to provide an
explanation and comparison of the reason for how and why the ratios differ amongst the two companies
(for example: A company has more assets to pay off debt, therefore the company is more liquid than B Company as seen by the .75 difference in the ratio.). In your paragraph, state which company you believe is healthier? Why? Which company would you be more likely to invest in? Why? Be specific in your reasoning. Be sure to fully support your conclusion of which company is healthier. Be sure to include a variety of measures, not just one measure of financial health.

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