1: Find a specific and existing Code of Ethics for a specific profession you are interested in like Accounting, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Engineering, Firefighter, Law Enforcement, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Psychology, Social Work, Teaching, among others;
2: Create a Powerpoint by responding to all the seven sections below. Begin each slide with the title of each section. Look at the Powerpoint SAMPLES I provided below or in Week 13 Module. Please, follow the directions:
1. ORGANIZATION: Describe how the Code of Ethics your selected is organized.
2. CRITIQUE: Critique and give your opinion about the Code. What do you like and dislike about it?
3. PRINCIPLES/CANNONS/STATEMENTS: Identify 3 – 5 statements/principles in their original language in quotation marks and explain each in your own words.
4. MONITORING AND ENFORCEMENT: How is the Code of Ethics your selected monitored and enforced? You need to visit the website of the profession that oversees the Code you selected. For example, you will visit the website for the Florida Department of Education if you selected the Code of Ethics for Florida PreK-12 grades teachers.
5. ETHICAL LEVEL: What is the Ethical Level(s) of your Code of Ethics according to Raiborn and Payne and why? There can be more than one level.
6. ARTICLE: Find an article on the misconduct of a professional in the profession you selected, what happened in the case, identify the central ethical issue in the case and how it was resolved.
7. SOURCES: Post sources you got your Code of Ethics from, the professional organization’s website and source for the article.
Any powerpoint that does not address all seven sections will be penalized.
would be good with nursing

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