This assignment will enable you to link a job position to a recruitment analysis process. The benefits are twofold: 1) You as a future job candidate can better know how to position yourself when identifying how the job position you desire, is analyzed by an organization. 2) You will also put yourself in the organization’s viewpoint of objectively reviewing the job position and recruitment strategies.
• Create and Write a minimum of a six-page, double-spaced report style paper based on the criteria outlined below for this Recruitment Analysis assignment. Note, that page length is likely much more, if student provides substantive, detailed, discussion of the various component criteria of this paper. If tables are created for part of this assignment, tables should be single-spaced. Page length minimum does not include the required attached/included appendices or reference page.
• Please Use Headings for each section and paragraphs as needed. Please list in this order for your report:
1) •Pick a job description of a job position, preferably one that YOU are interested in now or after graduation. You may use O*NET and/or BLS websites to find this job description. Download and save into a Word or PDF document. You will use information data for this assignment.
•Find a real job opening advertisement for this job position. You may look in Linkedin, Indeed, or some other source. Download and save into a Word or PDF document. You will use information data for this assignment.
•Be sure cite both Job description and job opening advertisement information data using APA format in a reference page and in in-text citations.
•Explain why you are interested in this job. Write this in a brief paragraph.
•Create a table or neatly/organized list of job description components (following) with sectional headings. Content will come from found job description in O*NET and/or BLS website. Components include: Classification (exempt/nonexempt); Salary Grade/or Salary range; Summary/Objective of Job Description; Essential job functions and duties; Competencies required; Supervisory responsibility if applicable; Work environment details; Expected work hours; travel requirements; required education and experience; required knowledge, skills, and abilities; preferred education and experience; additional qualification and skills. **Some of these may be found in your real job opening advertisement. This needs to be very detailed and specific. Avoid generalizations such as “communicates well with customers.” O*NET and BLS websites will provide good specifics. (approximately one to two pages).
2) •Define KSAOs.
•Discuss each of the KSAOs in your own words in a paragraph (minimum page).
•What do the KSAOs do for the Job Analysis? You may use external sources in addition to the textbook. Please cite these sources.
3) •List the KSAOs for your chosen job description.
•Be sure to give examples. You may use information found in your job description from O*Net and/or BLS source. You may want to also create a table to list this. Please see guides for KSAOs from your textbook: Exhibits 4.3 pg 161; 4.5, pgs 164-167; 4.7 pg 168;
4) • List and rank the Job Rewards for yourself. Use these Exhibit examples in 4.14, pg. 186 5)•Discuss the type of advertising message of the job opening. Which type is this
(Branded, Targeted, Realistc)? See Exhibit 5.6 p. 224. Explain thoroughly. •What are the potential drawbacks? Explain.
6) •Explain the types of Communication media that would work for you as an applicant. •Explain the types of media communication that would not work. Be thorough. See types starting on page 225.
7) •Discuss whether this advertisement addresses diversity.
•Also, is this advertisement EEOC and/or OFCCP compliant? Please explain, thoroughly. •Give examples. A substantive response would be a minimum of 250 words.

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