Each student will be required to write a term paper that contains five full pages (Top line of the page through the last line at the bottom of the pages) Plus a title page and reference page for a minimum of seven total pages. Your term paper must describe a psychological disorder from a biopsychosocial perspective. Students will be required to describe the disorder in terms of symptoms, describe biological, psychological, and social causes of the disorder and include information about the treatment.
Student will select one of the following psychological disorders:
-Schizophrenia spectrum disorder
-Post traumatic stress disorder
-Separation anxiety disorder
Symptoms may be described in terms of emotional symptoms, cognitive symptoms, behavioral symptoms, somatic symptoms, and impairment in social and occupational functioning.
Biological explanations may include the following: Brain structure and function, genetics, hormones, evolution/natural selection, Neurotransmitters (oversupply, undersupply, dysfunction).
Psychological explanations may include the following: Learning, memory, personality traits, cognition (thought patterns), trauma/stress, emotion/mood.
Sociocultural explanations may include the following: Gender roles, socioeconomic status, locations (city or rural), school/education, cultural values, poverty.
Treatment may include medications, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, group therapy, client centered therapy.
You can use google scholar to cite sources, but make sure you can review the article first. Then when it comes time to cite it, be sure to click on the quotation mark and copy the APA style citation. Then make sure it has the proper font, spacing, indentation, and italicization.
The term paper must be formatted entirely in APA formatting following the rules of the 7th edition of the Publication Manual American Psychology Association. This includes title page and reference page with APA formatted references, in-text citations, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margin on all sides. A minimum of FIVE scholarly journal articles must be used to research the information for the paper. The paper may not contain more than 2 direct quotes. Each quote must be no more than one full sentence.

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