Each week, we will have a “This Week in Cybersecurity” discussion that focuses on developing issues in Cybersecurity. This discussion will provide you the opportunity to stay ‘attuned’ to current Cybersecurity issues in the news and share at least one event, activity, or development with the class. For example, if a major cyber-attack on a nation-state or major company (i.e., Russian-linked cybercrime group DarkSide attack on Colonial Pipeline) were to occur, this would be the type of story to share.
Find a recent Cybersecurity-related current event, activity, or development in the news (within the past week). In your discussion post, briefly summarize the event and reflect on its significance. You should use any legitimate news source (television, internet, periodicals, etc.) to support your topical input. (A few sites related to cybersecurity are suggested on the Student Resources page, but you are not limited to these.) Questions to address might include:
How does the event relate to issues addressed in class?
How might similar situations be mitigated?
What is the broader impact of the event (e.g., nationally, globally, etc.)?
Include a link to the story or a citation so that others may read the story. Try not to duplicate the same event that another student has posted.

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