General Instructions
Question responses should total to at least 1500 words in all about 200-250 words for each question response (all question responses added together). All answers should include at least one citation (course textbook or outside resource). Keep direct quotations minimal (two sentences of direct quotes per complete section, max)! Paraphrase information from other sources and cite the course text appropriately at the end of the sentence and in a reference section. Reference sections do not count toward total word count. Below is an example of a response, in-text citations, and reference list from another class.
use textbook only…see attached
1. Describe the necessary components of a reading-writing classroom.
2. Describe the activities that would typically occur in a writing workshop.
3. Describe six considerations the authors suggest in responding to students’ writing.
4. Describe two ways that teachers can assess students’ learning in addition to using paper and pencil tests.
5. Describe a significant difference between beginning readers for whom English is a first language and those for whom it is a second language.
6. Explain the 20% rule and how you might use it in your work with English language learners
7. Discuss what teachers need to consider regarding a student’s first language to inform instruction.

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