Group Plan Paper – Section 2:
Building from Section 1 and the feedback received from the instructor, continue the paper, adding the following sections:
• To what extent will your group be homogeneous vs. heterogeneous and in what ways?
• What sorts of multicultural dimensions are likely to be present? What steps would you want to take to address these?
• What specific ethical issues do you want to be sure to remember as you plan and conduct this group?
• What skill set do you presently have that would be relevant to running this group? What skills do you anticipate needing? Which might be most difficult for you to develop?
• Briefly, describe the 3-5 most important of Yalom’s 11 therapeutic factors to your group as you imagine beginning the group. That is, what do you really want to help the group achieve in the initial stages of group and why are these things important for your particular group? Discuss what you expect to see the members doing in group and how you will foster and facilitate client’s experiences in each of these domains

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