I chose to research and write about the Clark County Economic Development Corporation & Tourism Bureau because I live in Clark County, and I am also involved with the CCEDC in my career as a Controller/Hiring Manager.
The primary focuses of the organization are employment and tourism. The Clark County Economic Development Corporation’s goal is to create and promote jobs and investment to produce economic growth and development in Clark County. The Tourism Bureau’s focus is to promote the recreational activities and events in Clark County in collaboration with other agencies in Clark County (Clark County). Ultimately, they want to promote economic health that is strong, diverse and resilient (Clark County).
They do not focus solely on adding jobs to their community, rather, they encourage growth in their economy through jobs as well as tourism and promoting businesses.
One of the current studies the program is facilitating that is innovative is a Broadband Study. Clark County is very rural, with 29 persons per square mile according the demographics found in their study, therefore the County doesn’t have easy access to reliable Broadband. I mentioned in last week’s discussion about the need for internet for farmer’s, the need also became apparent during the COVID-10 pandemic when schools were shut down and facilitated online (Clark County).
They have partnered with “Inspire Connections” which is a regional talent-development initiative that provides resources to employers and educations to ensure the next generation is career, college and community-ready by collaborating with schools, business groups, companies and community-based organizations (Clark County).
To promote area businesses, they do a county-wide “Harvest Moon Fall Tour” annually. The Fall tour is a self-guided tour that runs from September 1 to October 31. The purpose of this tour is for visitors to experience the best of Clark County including artists, specialty meat, cheese and food shops, boutiques, greenhouses and wineries. It is intended to promote the small businesses in the County and business-owners can post a sign in front of the businesses promoting that they’re a part of the tour (Nikolai, Elizabeth).
In 2020, the Clark County Economic Development Corporation & Tourism Bureau celebrated 30 years of service (Clark County). They were recently interviewed by PBS because the county is an essential food hub. The PBS interview is focused on the agriculture and dairy that the county boasts, and the hard-working ethics of the county that make that possible (Clark County).
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