It is important to be able to recognize what the perfect client is for the type of consulting that you are going to do. The key is to determine the intersections of the types of clients that you are drawn to and passionate about and draw conclusions about the clients that you should begin to market to and acquire from there. For this assignment, create a 3 circle VENN diagram that shows the types of clients and the intersections of clients and what kinds of clients you could work for and be passionate about. In each circle place perfect client such as Public School, Private School, not-for-profit, Inner-City Youths, Government, Military, etc….It must be a client – how would you make the client’s life better. Then in the intersection place the skills needed.
**Once the VENN diagram is complete, write a 600-800 word explanation of the diagram and what your conclusions are, at least for now.
**Format paper and Cite sources in APA 7 style
**Avoid using first person
**Diagram should include a title and references.
I’ve attached a sample of the assignment

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