Journal. Please keep a journal that chronicles important points in your practicum. Weekly entries should explore your sessions with clients, meetings with your supervisor, your readings and class meetings. Also each week, please briefly identify and discuss 1 thing you did that week to support your own self-care. You should have a total of 14 entries by the end of the semester. Include situations that challenge you, situations in which you believe you did well, the emotions that you experience about any of these, and anything else that is an important part of your developing counselor identity. By the end of the semester, it is expected that you will have written at least once each about your individual supervision sessions, challenging client and class sessions, with a focus on your behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Entries should be at least 1 full page per week (typed). Turn into Sakai under “Assignments: FIRST HALF (7 JOURNALS) DUE AT MIDTERM; SECOND HALF (7 JOURNALS) DUE LAST CLASS PERIOD at the beginning of class.
Ok, some good exploration here, especially as you start talking more specifically about client work in journals like #5 and 6. Yet, a couple of things need your attention. First, make sure that each journal is a full page–most of these journals are shy of a page by 1, 2, or more lines on the page. Then, journal #7 was about half a page, so very much on the short side. As stated in class and so forth, they all need to be a full page. As a result, I want you to submit at least 8 full pages of journals when completing the second half of the journals (so, the last 7 journals need to be a total of at least 8 full pages). Failure to meet this requirement will result in grade penalties.
Second, please go deeper in exploring your own thoughts and feelings, and in particular your own countertransference. For example, in journal #7 it seemed as if you could talk about what it was like for you to be working with a client with such severe trauma and what that reminded you of in regards to your own lived experience.
Third, I noticed that you started off in journal #1 in talking about self-care, which was really good. Remember, this needs to be a part (even if just a sentence or two) of every single journal entry. Please make sure you do this in the last 7 journals.
Ok, please let me know if you have questions, and otherwise, good work in getting started with the journals. I have confidence that you can tweak some things with these and get back on track as well as get more out of doing them by deepening with exploration and insight.
Dr. G

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