Preventing and correcting workplace harassment: Guidelines for employers (Becton, J.B., Gilstrap, J. B., & Forsyth, M. (2017)) provides guidelines to employers of organizations to prevent and correct workplace harassment. Consider your own organization (present or past) and evaluate processes your organization has in place. How do these processes within your organization compare to the guidelines recommended by the authors of the article?
In this 5-8 page paper:
Develop a rationale as to why preventing and correcting workplace harassment is important to ensure employee engagement, trust and retention of quality employees with the organization.
Outline your organization’s policies and practices as they relate to preventing and/or correcting workplace harassment. Provide one or two examples to demonstrate the policy and/or practice. If your organization has no documented policy or practice for preventing or correcting workplace harassment (you may want to check with HR to verify the policy(ies), state that fact and give some examples of how a stated policy might have prevented workplace harassment.
Compare these organizational policies (or lack thereof) to the guidelines recommended in the article.
Finally, develop recommendations for the leaders of the organization to improve or sustain the prevention or correction of workplace harassment. Please reference and cite the course material in your paper.
ALL submissions in this course MUST have your name on the first page, title of the paper, be in 10 – 12 pt. font, Arial or Times New Roman, using 1.5 line spacing. If you use charts or graphs, be careful that they are not there to take up paper space yet contribute to the integrity of your research. Normally such additional contextual information will be included with the paper as an annex or addendum.

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