Proposal Assignment
Length: minimum of 2 full pages (single spaced) plus Works Cited page
Format: memorandum; first person; formal tone; MLA documentation; .doc or .docx
You will write a memo-format proposal about improving some aspect of life here at Wake Tech. Be creative, but also realistic. Past examples of topics have included the creation of an outdoor trail, new tools and equipment for certain classes, improved recycling, job help programs, sleeping pods, overflow parking (this last one has been done a lot, so I encourage you to come up with something more interesting).
You will want to do research on the Wake Tech website to determine who would be the most suitable recipient for your proposal. For example, if you wanted to propose a Great Books Program to reward students who read books chosen by English faculty, you might send that proposal to the English Department Head, rather than, say, the President of the college. (Please note also that there is already protocol in place for the creation of student clubs, which should inform any proposal connected to the creation of one.)
You may want to do additional research to help bolster your particular proposal with compelling specifics; if you do so, make sure to have a Works Cited page with corresponding MLA in-text citation.
The proposal should contain the following required elements, with headers. Aim for specifics and full development of ideas.
Introduction: Briefly explain the purpose of your document.
Problem: What are you trying to implement and/or improve and why? For whom is it a problem? Provide background if necessary.
Solution: What is your plan of action to remedy the problem? Be sure it is realistic.
Cost: How much does your solution cost? Have you considered all costs associated with your plan, including any maintenance?
Conclusion: Discuss how the solution benefits the company and those within or outside of the organization.
You may also want to include graphics in your proposal (review your textbook for reminders about use of graphics, which do require citation). Any research you include must be listed on the Works Cited page and you must also supply the instructor with access to the original source(s).
Write this proposal with the seriousness and professionalism that you would employ if it were actually being sent– and indeed, you might consider in fact doing so, as some students have done in the past.

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