respond to the 3 peers
Rebecca Valcin:
When I thought about market campaigns one that came to mind was around last year when baby phat merged with forever 21. This was very interesting to me because I always remembered wearing baby phat when I was younger and I used to think the style was so cute and girly but as the years went by baby phat definitely became less popular especially because a lot of other brands came out. With that being said last year baby phat merged with forever 21. This was a smart marketing strategy because forever 21 is a very popular affordable store that a lot of young teens, and adults shop at. Selling baby phat would get a lot of attention specifically from younger girls being that the brand is more for feminine wear. It definitely did work though because I remember a lot of people reposting the article saying how excited they were to see baby phat was coming back in style. As a business owner you must come up with multiple market campaigns because you never know where your business may not be striving as well as it uses to. So the goals is to keep the customers attentive to the brand, and what other way to do that than to merge it with a even more popular company so that the less popular company can start to gain more publicity as well.
Chilton Lindor:
Sephora is a makeup brand that was willing to risk the company’s value by celebrating with the LGBTQ IA . Many people thought it was a risk for the brand because they did not know if it was going to work. What the company did was participate in big issues or participate in conversations that could not please everyone . Sephora was willing to take a risk either they lose or gain more customers. The risk that the Sephora company did make them now known as a worldwide company . That action they did could have gone horribly bad for the company, instead, it went completely of what they could have thought . That helps the company to make more money and I said earlier, Sometimes you have to be willing to take risks to succeed. This completely added a big profit to the brand because they acknowledge the LGBTQ which make them become more popular and earned more money with name . The company was falling a little bit, this one little action I believe help the brand, and now with the brand making has a much better profit

5 Awesome Marketing Campaign Examples and What Makes Them Special

Junior Sagaille:
One interesting marketing campaign that I found is about Kellogg’s. Kellogg’s is one of the most renowned cereal brands in the world. In 2019, this company change its whole cereal range for the European market. The reason why the company make this change is that they found that the new cereal boxes make it easy to identify on the rack. This idea came from research that they made. They found that 70 percent of customers can find this product easily because of this change. Also, it increases the sale by 50 percent. I think this change is a great idea when you doing business; you should always try to discover new strategies that help your products be more accessible for customers which can make that business make a great profit. Like the Kellogg’s team did, they discovered a great idea, they apply it and it is successful for the company.

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