The objective of the essay is to summarize and analyze some of the business lessons from the struggles of WeWork, an office space start-up once valued at $47 billion.
The primary reference material for the essay is a podcast named Foundering available at and on most podcast platforms. Season 1 of the podcast covers the WeWork story and has seven episodes. Transcriipts of the episodes are available here.
There is plenty of other material available about WeWork. You are welcome to peruse any of that. Please cite any additional external material you use. Citations do not count toward the word limit.
Your essay should touch on answers to the following questions:
1.Briefly summarize the WeWork story documented in the podcast
2.Describe the business idea underpinning WeWork. What role did the choice of industry play in the company’s rise and subsequent fall?
3.What role, if any, did Adam Neumann’s pre-WeWork experiences play in the way he ran his company?
4.Why do you think WeWork was able to grow so big (in terms of valuation and employees) before it all came apart?
5.In hindsight, what red flags were ignored by investors, particularly SoftBank, when it came to the company? Why do you think this happened?
6.What lessons does the WeWork debacle hold for potential investors and entrepreneurs like yourselves?
The questions are fairly open-ended and I invite you to interpret them creatively. You do not need to answer the questions in the order I have listed them. Write the essay so that these questions are covered but the essay should also form a coherent whole. I am more interested in your analysis of the situation and how you justify it rather than if your analysis exactly matches mine. Use examples to strengthen your points.
client note – The 7 sources are the 7 transcriipts upload.

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