The purpose of the assignment is to examine the relevant management information, conceive and develop relevant questions, and lead the class in a discussion of the key concepts put forth in that particular chapter. Note: An objective of case study analysis is the development of each student’s implementation skills. Thus, it is not sufficient to simply diagnose what is wrong in the case. Rather, detailed and specific plans for solving the case problems must be presented. Many students find case analysis to be difficult due to the relative lack of structure of most management problems. No correctly answered list of questions or mechanical process will lead to the “right” answer. In fact, there is no “right solution” to most management problems. When analyzing a case, remember that there are many possible approaches and solutions. The goal is not to figure out “the answer” but to sharpen your analytic, critical problem-solving and decision-making skills. The following steps outline the basic approach that should be followed when analyzing a case, whether for class discussion or in preparation for a written analysis.

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