You are overseeing the youth security team and you notice that your current director is easily pushed and manipulated by other team members. You have been pastoring a new family and find out that the mom is a former CIA interrogator and handled security for the U.S. Government overseas. You would like the CIA mom to take over as the director of the youth security team, but you know that the current director has influence with several parents that you don’t want to cross. How would you go about creating a team dynamic where everyone can learn and grow together without making it seem like you are pushing one person out for another?
The response should be a one page single-spaced paper.
– Distinguish between leading teams primarily composed of paid staff and leading teams primarily composed of volunteers
– Modify current team-leadership theories for application in the local church and other ministry contexts
book reference: ” the 4 dimensions of extraordinary” by Jenni Catron”

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