As a sales professional, you are expected to meet sales quotas and other goals related to the company objectives. The company is likely to have sales tracking systems, such as a Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool, and other in-house methods of gathering information about the status of your sales pipeline and the prospects within it. Most of these systems track outcomes.
Doing the various sales activities that are leading indicators of these outcomes is critical for your success. It is also important to maintain a healthy work-life balance as you work on things related to your attitude (mindset), techniques (strategy), and behavior (sales activities). The company is interested in outcomes, but to get there you must concentrate on the leading indicators to those outcomes. Some examples include: Prospecting is an activity that leads to a sales meeting (appointment), which is an outcome. Making a presentation is an activity that leads to a yes or no outcome. Attending a networking event allows you to make more connections and build relationships. Participating on a social network such as LinkedIn makes it easier to get referrals. Reading trade journals builds on your product knowledge.
Refer to pages 303-305 of the textbook on “Make Your Objectives SMART.” Use the SMART criterion in setting your goals.
1. Use your own company, or a fictional one, and list five (5) SMART goals you set for yourself in your sales role. Be each goal meets the requirements of the acronym SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound).
2. Use a small weekly spreadsheet (using Excel or Numbers) such as the example below and list the leading indicator activities you plan to track. The left column will contain the descriiption of the activity, and to the right you will enter a Target (your goal for the week). The blank tracking template could be printed off and filled in during the course of the week by yourself. NOTE: You do not need to complete the worksheet with any date in the Monday-Friday or weekly total columns. Save your spreadsheet and upload it as the answer for this question. For this assignment, list at least (minimum) the number of activities as follows:
a. List 5 sales activities and the quantity to reach your goal
b. For work-life balance, then list 3 more personal activities: one each for spiritual, physical, and mental growth.
Examples: A sales activity might be Prospecting Contacts (calls, emails, door knocks) with a weekly goal of 50. A personal a goal might be spend 30 minutes/day outside in nature to meditate/pray/reflect (spiritual). I’ve placed a link to my sample worksheet below. If you use the template you must change the items tracked and weekly targets to your own activities.

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