Below is the topic for your final project: Video and Outline which is due finals week. Video Lenght should be approx 5 minutes.
Provide a debate argument for BOTH sides of the scenario via Video submitted through email.
You need to also provide an outline of your arguement and a refrenece sheet.
This is your opportunity to be “devils” advocate, you don’t have to agree with both points of view, you do just have to present it!
Back up your argument with some “facts” not just opinion via YouTube, Ted, Research, anything you think fits.
The following scenario
Hiring/Pay and Gender: Men should be paid more based on societal standards or pay should be equal work equal pay
I will be submitting the video presentaton portion
I need a debate arguement for both sides that will last atleast 4 minutes(I can speak slow or take pauses to make it to 5min)
I need an outline, which is pretty much the paper youll be writing and how I will be reading it on camera and a refrenece sheet showing me where you pulled the information from. (please see rubric for the amount of refrences needed)

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