Consider the cases involving sexual abuse from this unit’s text readings (linked in Resources). Which were most striking to you? Choose two of the cases to compare in your post.
In your post for this discussion:
Discuss the variables in each case and the ease and difficulty with which the work was done.
Identify current play-therapy techniques that you could use with each case and explain your rationale for using those techniques.
Use Working With Children to Heal Interpersonal Trauma to read the following:
Chapter 6, “The Owner of a Broken Heart: The Cumulative Trauma of Surgery and Sexual Abuse,” pages 92–116.
Chapter 8, “A Tornado Disrupts the Wedding, to the Relief of the Unwilling Bride: A Girl’s Quest for Healing After Sexual Abuse,” pages 149–170.
Chapter 12, “I Am an Artist: A Sexually Traumatized Girl’s Self-Portraits in Paint and Clay,” pages 240–262.
Use Posttraumatic Play in Children to read the following:
Chapter 11, “Chronic Sexual Abuse,” pages 147–160.
Hill, A. (2009). Factors influencing the degree and pattern of parental involvement in play therapy for sexually abused children. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 18(4), 455–474.
Johnson, T. C. (2000). Sexualized children and children who molest. SIECUS Report, 29(1), 35–39.
Marriage, N. D., Blackley, A. S., Panagiotaros, K., Seklaoui, S. A., Van den Bergh, J., & Hawkins, R. (2017). Assessing parental understanding of sexualized behavior in children and adolescents. Child Abuse & Neglect, 72, 196.
Reyes, C. J., & Asbrand, J. P. (2005). A longitudinal study assessing trauma symptoms in sexually abused children engaged in play therapy. International Journal of Play Therapy, 14(2), 25–47.

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