Detailed instructions are attached in the file “Article Review #2”
Topic: Single Mothers, Welfare, and the State
The article link :
Article Review #2 centers around the issue of welfare for low income mothers and the burdens of proof and identity the state places in order for families to receive assistance.
Students need to first read the article for complete understanding of what is being stated. Comprehension is often strengthened when articles are read a couple of times. There are a few guiding questions posed below, but students are encouraged to provide a personal reflection on the concepts and claims made in the article. Article Reviews are expected to be thoughtful, free from knee-jerk reaction responses, and sociological in approach. It’s okay to talk about your knowledge around the topic and what was challenged for you- it’s not okay for you to dismiss the article if it goes against your held opinions. Thoughtful critiques, however, are welcome- but please make sure any counter claims you make are supported with easily discoverable information.
Remember, the guiding questions are just that, guiding questions. That is, these questions are offered up as a way to help you begin thinking about what is stated in the article. It is expected that you discuss points and make observations outside these questions.

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