Educators of Beauty/SWOT
Beauty industry is currently a $532 billion business.
S other Cosmetology schools in the city.
Online Training opportunities.
Only local school offering educator training for the profession.
Continuing Educational Unit opportunities.
Product brand and vendor contracts.
Multicultural salon and spa.
Highest cosmetology school tuition in the city.
Low employment placement for graduates after competing school.
Low financial aid return for the industry.
Educators offers cosmetology as a whole course and they may not offer only a specialty license.
Beauty industry currently operating as $532 billion business, Educators has the opportunity to expand.
Financially successful, opportunity to open new school.
Opportunity to launch a product line.
Opportunity to collaborate with salons.
opportunity to began job placement programs.
Possible elimination of licensure state requirements.
COVID-19 mandates and state regulations.
Online and technological changes and developments.
Competition of other cosmetology, esthetics, barbering, and nail technology schools offering discounted prices for services and products.
Salons, Spa, and barber shops.
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