I need the introduction, geographical area, demographics and social determinants!
A. Topic Introduction (5 points)
Course faculty will assign a geographical area that is designated as rural and MUA (medically underserved area) by the State of Texas. Groups will find their county assignments in Bb under ASSIGNMENTS. Everyone is in the same groups as assigned early in the semester. The PowerPoint presentation should open with a title slide, followed by an introduction, typically the introduction is one, not more than two slides following the title slide.
B. Descriiption (15 points)
1. Describe the geographical area. Where is the county located within Texas? Possibly
consider a map of Texas with the location identified.
2. Provide comprehensive demographics, including (but not limited to) population
number, cultural make-up, gender, age ranges, education, income levels, insured
percentages, and other data you believe to be relevant. This should be presented in a
way that shows all of your county’s information in a clear, concise manner. Think about
the use of a table or other visual aid.
3. Social Determinants. Identify social, economic, and environmental aspects of the area
that influence health care. Investigate and present the available resources (or lack of
resources) this includes consideration for access to grocery stores, school system, job
opportunities, recreation, transportation, and other social determinants. Draw from the
Intervention wheel.).
A. Title slide and Topic INTRODUCTION
Includes creative title with county name; includes all group members’ names, date,
course, and instructor
• Geographic area.
• Demographics, including, but not limited to cultural make-up, gender, age ranges,
education, income levels and other relevant information.
• Social Determinants You may put this in this overall descriiptive section of find it fits
better with critical attributes. (You decide.) Social Determinants must be clearly

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