In this assignment, you will develop an informational handout that identifies resources for other ABA professionals. This handout should provide your audience with the takeaway information in an accessible and engaging manner appropriate to your audience.
Your handout can include charts, illustrations, and any other visual aids you feel will help your intended audience. Be sure to display your professional writing skill by formatting your handout in a visually appealing way that your audience will enjoy and find easy to follow. (APA format is not required, other than for the format of your citations and references.)
Your handout must address the following questions.
How might you build a library of ethical resources for yourself to ensure your ethical practice of applied behavior analysis? What resources might you include and why?
Who would you go to for challenging ethical concerns (you do not need to provide actual names, just the role or where you might look (i.e., a member of your network, a mentor where you work, etc.)? If you have not yet identified people who might be valuable as a resource for ethical issues, explain how you might build such a network of connections. Use the BACB Compliance Code to help you answer this question. Remember, these resources must have expert knowledge of the BACB’s Ethical Code.
In this week’s materials, you read about several historical studies that served as the impetus for developing and refining ethical standards. How did these specific studies help you in your ethical efforts? Is your work done or can you strengthen your ethical guidelines (offer your thoughts on why or how) as you move forward? Be specific in your thoughts on why or how.
References: Include at least 3 scholarly resources.
I included the material from school resources and please review BACB website.
A piece of information for question 2 if that helps : I work in the field and I can go to my supervisor for ethical challenges.

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