Many of the questions asked during an interview are generic. However, a candidate’s response must reflect individuality, skills, and experience, and consider the organization and position being applying for.
Part A
Share the original job postings and video applications from Assignment #1 & 2 with your partner(s). Together you must research and create 5 interview questions (2 situational, 2 behavioural, and 1 unstructured) question for each partner. Questions created for partner #1 must differ from those created for partner #2, and #3.
Situational interview questions focus on hypothetical incidents and are designed to see how a candidate responds to them. Questions could focus on specific requirements of the position. Situational questions are often used for positions where candidates may not have any/much work experience.
Behavioural description interview (BDI) questions focus on real work experiences and are designed to see how a candidate responds to a given situation. Questions should focus on general work based experiences that relate to the candidates previous/current job or the requirements of the position being interviewed for.
Unstructured interview questions are broad, and open ended to allow the candidate to talk freely. Unstructured questions may have a frame to guide the applicant, but must provide them with a great deal of latitude to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

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