Please write an essay on one of the following three topics. Your typed essay should be 3-4 double-spaced pages (a standard double-spaced page has about 300 words). You should make sure that your essay develops a clear argument. In writing your essay, you should draw exclusively on this course’s readings, podcasts, podcast/class outlines, and/or texts that we discussed in our class sessions ) Discuss why the Monroe Doctrine has been such a cornerstone of U.S. policy towards Latin America. What did the doctrine mean at the time it was initially proposed? How did it represent a fundamental tension in U.S. policy toward Latin America? Then discuss how the Monroe Doctrine shaped U.S. policy towards Latin America during the twentieth century. In addressing this last question, you should focus on both the Roosevelt Corollary of 1904 and the Kennan Report (both are available on Canvas). How and why did Roosevelt and Kennan invoke the Monroe Doctrine? What was so special about this 1823 doctrine that it could be invoked in such different historical contexts as those faced by U.S. policymakers in 1904 and 1950? Please use the resources provided as the sources for this paper. If you need to do additional research to better understand the subject to write the paper that is fine, BUT DO NOT USE AN OUTSIDE SOURCE AS A MAIN SOURCE!

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