Read the attached case study titled ” major assignment” and answer the following questions.
Using the stages of change model, determine what stage of change your “client” is at. (In-text citations required for all parts of question 2.)
Explain why you believe that they are at the identified stage of change.
Discuss whether you believe that your “client” has successfully progressed through previous stages.
What type of actions does your client need to take, to successfully move to the next stage?
Using the case study “major assignment”, do the following.
I have attached a sample strength-based plan.
Present a strengths-based plan showing how you would address the presenting problem by building on the client’s strengths and managing the obstacles they face.
(Strengths Based Plan of Action): Plan of action is thorough and clearly laid out from a strength’s perspective. Client goals have been laid out and obstacles have been addressed.
Use references from the textbook provided. Download Change Model.pdf (Mehre, J., & Kanwishcher, R., 2004). Human Services Concepts & Intervention Strategies 10th Ed. Allyn & Bacon Toronto Canada.)

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