Research Project
Part One-Research Paper
As you have chosen a population and issue (that effects development) to research, you are to write a full 5 page paper (this is the minimum length, double-spaced, including title and works cited page) discussing the following;
-The history of your population and issue
-Modern day status of population and issue
-What interventions are effective?
-Each group member will choose a specific area of focus to research about their population: genetic, biological, cognitive , socio-cultural, and economic.
*Please note that no paper should exceed 7 pages (including title and works cited page).
This is the just the rough draft, the outline is attached please I need an A on this part just like the outline
You MUST have at least credible 3 sources (focus on .edu, .gov, and .org domains) and NO Wikipedia.
You MUST use APA format with an emphasis on in-text citations.
APA Resources-We will discuss in class
Purdue OWL (
Microsoft Office-(APA format is built into MS Word)

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