Summarize the main point of the video or audio (3 pts): one paragraph–it takes time and effort to write one concise, yet detailed paragraph. Give yourself time to draft and revise this summary for conciseness!
Your reflection on the topic it covered –what resonated with you the most about it and WHY? (2 pts)
Well integrated tie-ins should take 2-3 sentences to spell things out for your reader. Compare/contrast what you watched with what you’re reading in your text. (4 pts)
Include/explain a detailed tie-in with at least 1 additional academic source OUTSIDE of your class text (peer-review journal article, credible website, another text, etc). Take time to elaborate and integrate this source into your paper. (4 pts)
Writing/Format quality (double spaced, flows well, within page limit) (1 pt)
Cite (author, year) and reference your text, your outside source, and video/audio you are discussing (can reference as Canvas webpage retrieval) with APA format (1 pt).
Video link below:

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