SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEW ( TOPIC: Self& Social Identity) How do people come to know and understand themselves? How do these self-perceptions affect our social interactions?
Preparation of a research paper (only theoretical – systematic literature review) of around 4000+ words to examine an aspect of social psychology (subject chosen in negotiation with the module coordinator) This work will constitute 70% of the final grade. The following are the sections in which the assignment has to be organized;
1- Cover page- use the cover page uploaded at assignment folder,
2- Table of content,
3- Introduction 20% – problem statement, purpose of the study, questions, significance, and relevance of the study.
4- Methodology 20% of systematic literature review;
a. i. framing questions for review,
b. ii. Identifying relevant works,
c. iii. Assessing the quality of the studies,
d. iv. Summarising the evidence,
e. v. interpreting the findings (read more at:
5- Literature review 30% You must use multiple references (min 20), including journal articles, recent articles mostly within last 10 years and few book references.
6- Discussion and Conclusion 20% discussion of the key findings from the studies consulted, conclusion drawn based on scholar’s understanding on the review.
7- Others 10% – title page, content page, reference, format, reference style, language, etc., Follow BUiD Harvard Style and Academic Success Unit’s tips for good academic writing.

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