*The powerpoint assignment is for the subject MEDSURGE 2 in nursing school.
* I will paste the student book resource citation directly from the book but let me know if it does not
*Need it to look very medical and full of life. Please include pictures and maybe 1 creative attribute if
*Leave first page for students name but can set it up.
*TOPIC: Neurological Disorders
*The assignment requires 3 diseases to be incorporated:
– 1. Meningitis
– 2. Guillain -Barre Syndrome (GBS)
– 3. MYSTHEMIA Gravis (MG)
1- Pathophysiology
2- Health assessment related to the system presented
3- Risk Factors: Modifiable and non-modifiable (if applicable)
4- Signs and symptoms
5- Diagnostic Test: Patient education about procedure
6- Complications. Clinical manifestations. Nursing intervention
7- Treatments (Medications (Dosage/route/side effect), Surgical Management (Patient education about procedure)
8- Teaching and Health Promotion
9- Document a collaborative Plan of care Based on the disease presented (choose one). Please choose a Medical Diagnosis & Nursing Diagnosis, related to, evidence by, and expected outcome (with measurement: Time frame). Nursing intervention and Rationale of each one of the nursing interventions.
10- Reference: The student book must be included beside other resources used.
Workman, D.I.M. L. ([Insert Year of Publication]). Medical-Surgical Nursing (10th Edition). Elsevier Health Sciences (US). https://online.vitalsource.com/books/9780323654050

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