the sources must To begin your research, here are some useful resources to get you started:
• United States CensusBureau
• CIA World FactBook
• U.S. Department ofCommerce
Note: You are not limited to using these resources since you are encouraged to use data researched from
library resources, work data, etc.
Research Paper:
1) Prepare your paper in Microsoft Word.
2) Use Times New Roman, 12-point font in black, double-spaced, 1-inchmargins (both APA and MLA).
3) Your paper should be about seven to nine in length.
4) The paper should include the following nine components (print this sheet down and cross off each element
as you add it into your research report):
a. Cover Page – Where you will include the link to where you found your data set directly under your
b. An Executive Summary,
c. an Introduction,
d. A Description of the Nature of the Data. The first sentence in this section will again include the link
to where you found your dataset,
e. An Overview of the Data CollectionMethodology,
f. An Explanation of How in your processes the data is used (Graphs, Tables, and Charts, intelligently
g. The Analysis Results (Graphs, Tables, and Charts, strategicallyplaced)
h. Appendix (listed Graphs, Tables, and Charts that tie back to previous papersections)
1. You will work diligently to secure a data set. The data set can be from your employer (with appropriate
authorization), libraries, data warehouses (with consent from the owner), public sources like the U.S.
Census Bureau or the CIA, etc. You will include a link to where you found your dataset in two places of
your paper (Cover Page under your name and in the first sentence in A description of the Nature of the
2. You will need to have at least 10 parameters (columns) and at least 800 records (rows). You need
enough information to analyze for an 7 page paper. You may find larger datasets which is OK. In the
case of exceptionally large datasets, you will filter your dataset down to a manageable size.
3. You are to analyze the data and glean from the data some meaningful, insightful, and significant results
and trends that help your respective research area’s decision-making process. You are free to use any of
the analytical tools covered in class, and beyond that, you learned independently.
4. As a minimum, you must use all the following analyses, including descriptive statistics, measures of
central tendency and variations, correlation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, chi-square
test, ANOVA, and linear regression. These skills you acquired via the projects that you worked on
before undertaking this assignment.
Further Instructions:
You will write on your topic of interest that you want to know more about where data is collected and publicly
available to download and analyze for your paper.
Some recent topics included the following:
1) Observations and Predictions of South Carolina Population and Demographics.
2) Statistic of Adolescent Obesity in America.
3) The Effects of the Coronavirus.
4) High School Graduation Rates.
6) Selected Characteristics of Households by Total Money Income for all races in2019
It is good to start now because it may take time to find datasets that meet the paper’s criteria.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to write me.
must have a non web sources

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