The three products I was interested in purchasing were as follows, the first is being a diehard rock fan and love going to concerts it would be searching for concert tickets and finding one that is coming to town, the second was a book by Nikki Sixx called This is Gonna Hurt, and third was Suave deodorant spray.
With my first option, I would automatically go to Live nation to search for a band, or I would look up Rock bands near me. Other websites I went to looking for tickets are AXS and Seat Geek. The website I had the best experience with was Live Nation. I feel I had the best experience with this website because it gave all the locations of where the band was going to be, unlike others did. I also like Live Nation because they allow you to view and pick your seat, unlike the other websites.
With my second option, I searched for a book and on Amazon, it was almost a hundred dollars I ended up buying it at Barns and Noble. My third option was Suave deodorant spray, I picked this one because I cannot find it in the stores anymore, so I searched Amazon and other sites I picked Amazon to search because they usually have items that are discontinued. When we got this assignment, it encouraged me to look on other sites.
The website I had the worst experience with was the suave website. I say this because it stated that it had the product I wanted or was seeking. When I went to click on the product it directed me to an outside source. It took me to Walmart and Target which I can’t even find in their store. I can also say that I didn’t like the third-party sales, I don’t trust them, they are not all trustworthy.
If I could create the perfect website? I don’t know that it could be done there will always be imperfections. But I do know that I would not post products for sale if they were not available on my site, I would make it to where people could pick their seats at a concert and know where or sit where they want. I also don’t think I would include third-party sellers. I do like Amazon because they have a prime membership, and you can get your items within a few days.
I ended up buying all three of these things, two of them as I did this assignment and one, I already purchased prior. Did you end up buying anything due to this assignment?


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