This essay is to show my exploration of a topic that is new to me. The topic I choose revolves around how cars, gas specifically, are negatively affecting the environment. It’s an easy enough topic for me so I choose it. There is a required 7 sources that need to be used and a word count limit of 1900-2200. The project is due 11/12/2021 but can be extended up to a reasonable amount. Give or take a week. This is for a 12th-grade level CP English class while it has to be good, I don’t mind it not being the absolute best. 🙂 So quick breakdown of requirements: – Topic: How gas cars are bad for the environment – 7 Sources with citation and works cited in MLA 9 – 1900-2200 Word count -Rubric is attached I am grateful for this opportunity to receive help as I can’t finish this project because my uncle is in the hospital but my teacher is only allowing me to get extensions on the essay. Thanks a lot!

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