This paper addresses questions that challenge policymakers who are tasked with managing transnational activities and borders within and between Canada, Mexico and the United States. You may write your paper as a report – providing a recommendation in response to the question that has been posed. Alternatively you may produce a traditional academic paper. While the presentation may differ, the requirements of your paper will be the same. You will need a clear argument/position and good evidence that justifies your argument. Good scholarly work will, amongst other things, engage the existing literature /evidence critically; provide a clear argument/ position; have a clear thesis / position statement; use convincing evidence to support that argument; be well organized; and use proper citation and bibliography styles. Additional research is required. Quality research will draw on academic studies and primary sources such as government/NGO/IO documents, media sources or web pages. Written work should be presented in a scholarly fashion, double spaced with one inch margins using a 12pt. Times New Roman font or equivalent. Work must be submitted as an electronic copy in the correct drobox on the course webpage. Late penalties will be based on the date and time of electronic submission. Please keep a copy of all papers submitted for the course. Please consult the course outline for important information relevant to the paper and expectations about paper submissions. Also feel free to contact me for clarification.

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