To comply with the university’s general education requirements, students must complete a writing assignment. This will take the form of one, 4-page essy (roughly 1200 words) relating a news article or editorial opinion piece on AMERICAN POLITICS to the subject matter of the course. Students are free to choose an article or opinion piece from any reputable source, either online or in print, as long as it has a direct connection to American politics. 
This is NOT a research project. In writing the essa, students should rely exclusively on the ONE news article or editorial opinion they select, and the videos prepared for this class.. A simple link at the end of the essa to the source of the original article or opinion piece is sufficient. 
Roughly half of the essa should review the content of the article or editorial. The remaining half of the essa should express the student’s opinion as to the significance of the news or opinion covered. Again, this assignment is not intended to elicit “research.” Students MUST select ONE article or editorial as the basis of their essa. The original source should be cited (author, title, date, and publication) at the end of the essa 

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