Toolkit to use: Driver Diagram
below I attached the draft I submitted to the instructor with feedback which I did the content of the diagram incorrectly. Please review attached below for detail instruction on how to create the driver diagram that related to my topic of “decrease heart attack readmission rate”.
From the IHI Essentials Toolkit –
A driver diagram shows the relationship between the overall aim of the project, the primary drivers
(sometimes called “key drivers”) that contribute directly to achieving the aim, the secondary drivers that are components of the primary drivers, and specific change ideas to test for each secondary driver.
Primary drivers are the most important influencers on the aim, and you will have only a few (we recommend 2 to
5); secondary drivers are influencers on (or natural subsections of) the primary drivers, and you may have many.
As you identify each driver, establish a way to measure it.

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