Watch the required video clips from the video “Diagnosing Depressive, Bipolar, and Alcohol Use Disorders” (1:34:24 – 2:18:07) and “Bipolar II Disorder.” These videos provide an overview of clinical experiences with bipolar I and bipolar II disorder.
Use the DSM-5 and information from the video to respond to the following questions for this written assignment.
What are the symptoms of bipolar I that Paul describes?
What are the symptoms of bipolar II that the female person describes?
Discuss at least two differences between depression and bipolar disorder.
Elaborate on at least two differences between bipolar I and bipolar II, specifying the ways in which manic and hypomanic episodes are different.
If you were a therapist in these cases, what therapeutic modality or modalities would you use to treat their disorders (e.g., cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, family systems)?  Use 1-2 scholarly sources to support your answer. If you have not taken a theories course, choose one theory from the above list and summary the articles.
In addition to therapy, what referrals would you make or what other professionals would you want to collaborate with in these cases?

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