Weeks Initial Post:
– Find a National Park (not a State Park)
– Choose the state in which you reside, or if you are deployed, one that you have visited or are interested in visiting. There are a lot of parks, so make sure you choose one that is different than your classmates and use it in the title of your post
– Recall that this is a biology class, therefore please select a Park that allows you to discuss the wildlife (plants and animals) and ecological and economic advances as your priority.
– How large is the Park?
What types of wildlife are found there?
What kind of recreation present?
– Have you ever visited in person?
– What are the ecological advantages of the Park?
– What are the economic advantages of the park?
Side peace:
I have visited this park as we’ll as stationed at Joint base Lewis McCord, WA. We use to go snowboarding every winter, and in the summer time ride motorcycles up the mountain

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