Yes: Solomon, T. (1983). Programming and deprogramming the
Moonies: Social psychology applied. In D. G. Bromley & J. T. Richardson
(Eds.), The Brainwashing/Deprogramming Controversy: Sociological,
psychological, legal, and historical perspectives. (pp. 162-183). New York:
Edwin Mellen Press.
No: Richardson, J.T. (1993). A social psychological critique
“Brainwashing” claims about recruitment to new religions. In
J. Hadden & D. Bromley (Eds.). The Handbook of Cults and Sects in America.
(pp. 75-97). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, Inc.
Written Assignment: Please answer both questions:
1. What words come to mind when you hear the words
“brainwashing” or “cult”? Should unconventional spiritual organizations, such
as the Unification Church, be called “new religious movements” instead of
2. Occasionally some members of new religious movements have
been forcibly removed from the organizations by family members in order to
“deprogram” them and reunite them with their family. Is kidnapping people and
removing them from the group without their consent an acceptable practice?

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