750 word limit *See attachments for reading (Chapter 3 – 5 only for Julian Goodare, The European Witch-hunt) Due to the ample amount of reading, I will tip 20-25%. Prompt: Both Bailey and Goodare offer the argument that in the middle decades of the fifteenth century demonological witchcraft was re-gendered from male to female. What to your mind was the impetus behind this transformation? Was it misogyny or something else? And which argument, Bailey’s or Goodare’s, do you think is closer to the mark. Looking at the documents for unit four, please make a case for the better interpretation of the impetus behind the early modern (as opposed to ancient) association of women with witchcraft. Please cite at least three examples from the documents. Tasks: 1. Write a brief summary of Michael Bailey’s argument 2. Assess how Bailey’s argument is supported by the documents 3. Write a brief summary of Julian Goodare’s argument 4. Assess how Goodare’s argument is supported by the document 5. Come to some conclusion as to which argument is better supported 6. In a concluding paragraph, respond to the question posed in the essay prompt

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