Choose any multinational company (MNC) or a company you know which until now, was operating in two countries (domestic and overseas markets) but have failed in its operations in the overseas market. Discuss the following: To what extent can the failure of the company be attributed to differences in cultural values between the two countries? To what extent can the failure be attributed to the institutional and regulatory framework between the countries? I chose Tesco failing in the USA. What other factors might have contributed to the failure of the company in the oversees market? Maximum word limit: 3000 words. The prescribed word limit is 3000 words. This means total count should not exceed 3000 words. However if you need to use a few more words, that should be OK. Generally an allowance of up to 10% more may be acceptable. There is no mandatory minimum count. However, we experienced that essays below 2500 words tend to struggle in terms of maintaining the quality and brevity. You may consider dividing the number of words as below Introduction – 400 to 450 words Discussion on the cultural differences -700 – 850 words Discussion on the regulatory framework – -700 – 850 words Discussion on other factors – -700 – 850 words

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